IMAGIN's 2024 Conference Apparel Store
The Store will be open until June 23, 2024!

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A message from Jon Merrick, IMAGIN Vice President and organizer of the 2024 IMAGIN Store:

Being a geospatial professional in Michigan has many perks, we can easily and silently communicate locations in our state with our hands, we have free access to GNSS RTK corrections across the state, our trees kindly drop their canopy every year so we can photograph what is beneath them, and we have our own Michigan born and raised cartographic rockstar John Nelson living, working, and walking amongst us. Worth mentioning, he’s also a Chippewa. Fire up Chips!

This year I asked John if he had ideas for the IMAGIN 2024 Swag/Apparel design as I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for creativity. He did, and boy howdy, I am sure you’ll agree that it’s a good one.

Staying true to his Michigan roots and virtuosic cartographic abilities and vision, he created a design that we’re all swooning over. Michigan’s topography illustrated as a series of vertically stacked longitudinal elevation profiles that pays homage to a beautiful figure of radio waves from the first discovered pulsar created in 1970 by Cornell Grad student Harold Craft that was published in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy. Now referred to as a Joy Plot, this illustrative style seems like a masterful fit with our state topography.

How do you get your hands on one? I’m glad you’re excited, we’re excited too. Simply click on the button below to browse the catalog and place an order. Be sure to select your preferred method of pick-up:

    • If you’re attending the conference, you can pick it up at the conference registration desk. The great part about doing this is that it has no shipping costs, and you may be able to get John to autograph it at the conference!
    • Have it shipped to you for a price.

Don’t delay in getting your order in as the store must close on May 12th to give us enough time to get the purchases printed in time for the conference. All of the proceeds from the sale of items in the IMAGIN 2024 SWAG Store go toward funding IMAGIN.

2024 IMAGIN Conference Apparel Store

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