IMAGIN Resolutions and Letters of Support

From time to time, the IMAGIN Board of Directors deems it appropriate to support a particular initiative or program.   The Board will discuss the issues surrounding the initiative or program, and may support a Resolution and/or a Letter of Support.   Any Resolutions or Letters of Support are listed below for review.    If you have any questions pertaining to these policies, please contact the Executive Team.

Letter of Support: 2017-12-11 Imagery for Data Exchange Support

R2015-01: Statewide Orthoimagery for Data Exchange Program

R2008-01: Urging Statewide Collection of High-Resolution Orthoimagery in Michigan

Additional resolutions and letters of support may be adopted by the IMAGIN Board of Directors when and as allowed within the IMAGIN Bylaws.

IMAGIN: Improving Michigan's Access to Geographic Information Networks

IMAGIN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with offices at 416 S. Cedar Street, Suite H, Lansing, MI 48912

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