Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and handles the day-to-day operations and business of IMAGIN and provides leadership to the board and membership at large. In addition to the officers on the team, IMAGIN's management team, Riehl Solutions serves on this team as a non-voting member. 

For 2024-2025, the Executive Team members are:
President Ariana Toth
Vice President Jon Merrick
Treasurer Chad Misiuk
Secretary Jerry Swanson

To contact the executive committee, send an email to the Exec Team

Communications Team

The Communications Team is charged with developing and maintaining IMAGIN's website, database, social media outlets, newsletters, membership materials and marketing materials.

To learn more about the Communications Team or to volunteer as a team member, email the Communications Team

Conference Team

The Conference Team is charged with planning, developing and orchestrating IMAGIN's Annual Conference.  The team performs site selection, develops conference content, selects keynote speakers, plans activities and social outings, and coordinates all activities and details of the Annual Conference.

To learn more about the Conference Team or to volunteer as a team member, contact the Conference Team

Nominating & Governance Team

The Nominating & Governance Team is responsible for assuring the business and operations of IMAGIN support the directives outlined in the IMAGIN Bylaws.   The team oversees any revisions and updates to the bylaws and/or policies and verifies that any resolutions and procedures are not in conflict with the bylaws and policies.  The team also tracks board member attendance at meetings and is responsible for elections of the Board and the Executive Team.  

To learn more about the Nominating & Governance team or to volunteer, contact the Nominating & Governance Team. 

Professional Development Team 

The Professional Development Team is charged with developing programs and events that enhance the professional development of IMAGIN's members.   The team plans and coordinates the IMAGIN Meetups quarterly across the state and develops professional workshops to be held periodically on current interest topics to the GIS community and IMAGIN Membership.

To learn more about the Professional Development Team or to volunteer, contact the Professional Development Team

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