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IMAGIN: Improving Michigan's Access to Geographic information Networks.

With our name in mind,  for the first time in many years, IMAGIN has totally rebuilt our website.  Since 1991, and officially since 1993, IMAGIN has existed as a professional development organization committed to providing opportunities for its members to network with professionals who are using, creating, or maintaining spatial resources within Michigan. IMAGIN serves as a crossroads for spatial information users/developers at all levels of government, business, and non-profit organizations by providing its members partnership opportunities to recognize, share, and create spatial data resources for both traditional and new applications.

Keeping our long standing focus in mind, but desiring to find ways to improve our connection with our members and to the GIS community in Michigan at large, the IMAGIN Board of Directors have been working hard to embrace the changes that the GIS community in Michigan faces.  With the launch of this new website, we are taking the opportunity to introduce you to the new face of IMAGIN.

We hope you find the new website useful and full of information you can put to use.  We appreciate your patience as some sections are still be developed and updated. 

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Events and Workshops


The IMAGIN Education Team is working on several potential workshops.  If you have any ideas for a workshop or would like to become a team member, contact the Education Team by email at education@imagin.org.


For additional information about the webinar, visit our Events page.

IMAGIN's 23rd Annual Conference
New Dimensions in GIS


IMAGIN's 23rd Annual Conference
April 27 to 29, 2014
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Nine GREAT reasons to attend the IMAGIN conference
    1. Face to face interaction with colleagues and contractors rather than
        communicating through email
    2. Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends in the industry
    3. Show your support for the Michigan GIS community
    4. Interact with key people at the state and federal levels and stimulate new ideas for
        them and yourself
    5. Get you name out into the GIS community and find out what opportunities are
        happening in Michigan
    6. Find out who is doing what in Michigan in your area, build business relationships
    7. Get training on an areas that you want or need to learn about
    8. Provide information about your organizations skills and technology to your peers
    9. Have a great time with your colleagues and peers

Stay up to date on the conference by checking out the Conference Page   

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